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Have a question “Why ERC”. Firstly, Energy Renovation Center was originally founded as a General Contracting Business with an emphasis on solar installations. Joseph Flournoy founded the company back in 2015. With over 25 years of combined experience in residential construction, our founder and CEO Joseph Flournoy realized the industry lacked honesty and integrity. Because of this, he founded Energy Renovation Center to be that one-stop construction firm to help with all your renewable energy needs. We have a solid approach to help provide superior customer service for every project we do.

Let’s give you an answer of “Why ERC” . We pay close attention to detail when it comes to taking care of our clients. Moreover, an excellent customer experience is what we strive for with every install. If something doesn’t go as planned, we always work hard to correct anything that needs attention. Moreover, we take 100% pride in everything we do. That is why we do not outsource, from educating homeowners in the community to designing a custom system and installing it right the first time! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Moving further , We offer an industry leading strong WARRANTY we believe in the solar products we install and our workmanship. Our solar systems are designed and installed to last. Not only this, even we only use the best materials and equipment to ensure customer satisfaction. As a team, we stand behind our products for the long term because we want you, as our customer to be 100% satisfied.

*This is why we are offering the REC ProTrust Warranty. Additionally we offer an extended warranty of 30 Years through SolarInsure for an additional cost.
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Thirdly, Most of our clients go Solar because it makes good financial sense. But, what most don’t realize is the significant environmental benefits they give back when using clean power. However, some do know and go solar to give back to the planet. Even if these people aren’t saving a dime and have no additional costs, they help do their part by going solar because our planet is important to them. The average residential solar system offsets about 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide every 20 years – the equivalent of driving a car for 100,000 miles! Our Planet earth will inevitably run out of coal, oil, and natural gas resources, but the sun has never stopped shining. If it does… we then have a real serious problem! With Solar power being a clean natural energy resource, we will help to pioneer the future for a cleaner sustainable energy supply!


We are obsessed with providing an excellent customer experience from start to finish. However , in off side , if everything doesn’t go perfect, we work hard to make it right. The switch to solar takes an entire team. From educating homeowners and the community to designing your custom system and installing it quickly, we take pride in handling everything 100% without outsourcing. Don’t take our word for it-our customers can share their experience with you.


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We're here to answer your questions, no obligations!

We're here to answer your questions, no obligations!
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