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Energy Renovation Center.


Riverside, San Bernardino & San Diego Solar Installers

11731 Sterling Ave, Suite G, Riverside, CA 92503

7911 Valcasi Dr.

Arlington, TX 76001

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What Clients Say About Us

 To:  Energy Renovation Center                                                                              Wednesday, July 19, 2017

11731 Sterling Ave.  Unit G

Riverside, CA 92503



From:  Brian E.

San Diego, CA 


I just wanted to send you a note letting you know how pleased I am with your roofing crew.  My project was particularly difficult do to the size of the job, but most importantly the pitch of the roofs. The guys told me that on a daily basis they would have to re develop the courage to climb back up on the roof and go to work.  Without fail, your men did just that!  They worked really hard in pretty tough conditions. 

You must know how professional and courteous all of your ERC roofing workers are.  (All)  starting with your right hand man ~ Gary, very respectful, courteous, professional, informative and most of all patient.  Gary is extremely loyal to ERC and overall a great guy to have as your trusted eyes and ears for all of your projects.  He is the best management representative from your company that I have seen.  He is always attentive and professional and is extremely great at being the leader you need him to be.  The guys respect him and listen to all of his requests. Gary and the team worked long hard hours in the hot summer sun and never complained, they maintained their professionalism and stayed until the sun went down.  My property was always cleaned and scanned for any nails or hazards left on the ground. That is a huge impact and a great reflection on your company.  It demonstrates care for all the tenants of the property.  Your guys are obviously well trained in the importance of leaving the property the way they found it.

 (Jr.) great guy and when I first saw him I said to myself, that this guy looks very familiar.  I asked him if he was related to you and he said with a smile, “yes, I’m Joey’s brother”.  Jr. always has a great attitude and seems to be having a good time even though it’s work.  He operated the skyjack and was a vital part to making sure the other guys on the roof had all the materials and tools they needed at the time they needed them. 

Noel, quiet guy, but knows his industry.  You can tell that he is the trade’s man that knows how to do many things.  He wired up the Quiet cool fan and was spider man on the roof. (MVP) Pedro, this guy works magic.  I don’t know if there is anything that Pedro can’t do.  He is very quiet, but man is he good at all things construction.  I think if ERC has a most valuable player award it should be given to Pedro.  He could be primed to run a crew on his own.  Maybe he just needs to develop some management skills.  Great guy and super talented.

I know the start (roofing) wasn’t as smooth as it could have been with William’s crew, but I must say maybe William just got in a bit over his head.  He too, was very courteous and informative and I enjoyed meeting him and conversing with him about the next steps in the project while he was here.  He deserves a second chance to work with ERC.  He is a good hard working young man.  Maybe he just needs to learn from his mistakes and I hope he does. 



I just want to say thank you and it’s probably not often enough that your hard working crews get any praise.  This crew certainly deserves recognition for all of their hard work and professionalism.


I greatly appreciate the results of the roofing job.  I know I’ll enjoy it for a long time to come.


All the best,

Brian E.

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