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Quiet Cool

How QuietCool Works

How To Select a QuietCool Fan

Wholesalers, and Licensed Contractors, primarily sell the Professional Series
Stealth PRO & Trident PRO QuietCool Fans

Contractor benefits of PRO line:

  • Controls & switches included with fan

  • Only available to licensed contractors

  • Not sold online

  • Best value

Consumer benefits of PRO line:

  • 15 year motor warranty

  • Removable cube core grille for easier cleaning

  • Best value

Stealth PRO:

  • Stealth PRO 1.5, 2.5, 3.3, 4.8, 6.5 (1500 – 6500 cfm)

  • ECM motor – AC/DC Brushless

  • Most energy-efficient motor

  • Will save homeowner most energy and money over time

Trident PRO:

  • Trident PRO 1.5, 2.5, 3.3, 4.8, 6.5 (1500 – 6500 cfm)

  • Permanent split capacitor motor

  • Lowest up-front cos

How To Size a QuietCool Fan

1) Determine square footage of entire home

  • Multiply by 2 and by 3 to determine the needed range of Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

  • Square footage x 2 = minimum CFM, square footage x 3 = maximum CFM

  • Model numbers of fans are the approximate CFM, calculations based on 8 – 9 foot ceilings

  • Example: Manufacturer’s recommendation for a 2000 square foot home is 4000 – 6000 total CFM

  • Superior System = 3 CFM / square foot of living area + attic gable fan + garage fan

  • Advanced System = 2.5 CFM / square foot of total living area + attic gable fan

  • Basic System = 2 CFM / square foot of total living area

2) Select a Central (1 fan) or Zoned (2 + fan) system

  • Central (1 fan) system:

  • Install at top of stairs or in middle of single-story home

  • Breeze is controlled by which windows are opened

  • Bedroom doors must stay open at night to cool bedroom and feel breeze

  • Zoned (2 + fan) system:

  • Install main fan in center of home

  • Install additional fans based on lifestyle and budget. For instance, install in bedrooms when homeowners sleep with doors closed, office with computer equipment, hot bonus rooms, etc

  • Add CFM of all fans together, total CFM should fall within minimum and maximum CFM range

3) Pick which specific fan you’ll install. If you’re a contractor, Stealth Pro or Trident Pro are best

  • Stealth Pro (ECM motor) – costs a bit more up front, saves more over time

  • Trident Pro (PSC motor) – lowest up front cost

4) Determine venting – amount of open window for air in AND amount of attic ventilation for air out

Calculation: total CFM to be installed, divided by 750 = net square footage of needed ventilation

Example: When installing Trident Pro 4.8, need approximately 6-1/2 total net square feet of window(s) open for air in and 6-1/2 total net square feet of attic ventilation for air out

Quiet Cool

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