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Energy Renovation Center.


Riverside, San Bernardino & San Diego Solar Installers

11731 Sterling Ave, Suite G, Riverside, CA 92503

7911 Valcasi Dr.

Arlington, TX 76001

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Free Quote

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These days there are so many things to consider when purchasing or leasing solar equipment that it’s not unlikely you are feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering what’s the right decision for you.

Our consultants have a clear understanding of all of the different programs and services from the Renovate America program to Power Purchase Agreements, leasing options, and more. Unlike many solar energy companies, we offer solutions from different companies for different needs and we are not locked in to one program that may or may not fit your needs. We can work with your credit needs and find the best solution for your situation, save you money and save you the headaches. To have one of our solar consultants call or email you to help you find the best solutions for you, please fill out the form below.

Would you like help?